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Best exercises for kids

12 December 2011 No Comment

Inactive and overweight children are most likely to be in poor physical shape because of a high-calorie diet and lack of exercise.

To help kids lose weight, you’ll need to make exercise activities compete with their computer or TV time. Making exercise complement other leisure activities can be key in getting children to burn those excess calories. You may need to emphasize fun if you want a child to stick to an exercise program. Understanding which familiar sports and activities burn calories will help you create enjoyable workouts for your kids.

Choose right
Your child’s physical condition needs to be considered before choosing a workout routine for him. Children who are not very active and prefer the couch to the court will need to start with building cardio stamina and muscular endurance, which will help them exercise longer, rather than just harder. Adding resistance exercises to cardio workouts will help children build a foundation that will allow them to progress to more rigorous aerobic exercises.

Jogging is one of the best forms of exercise for children. Begin exercising at a rate similar to a brisk walk. The key to finding the right intensity is to set a pace that lets them work for 30 minutes or more. Once the child is able to raise her intensity, introduce exercises that require intensity similar to jogging. To transition from beginner to intermediate exercise, add one-minute increases in intensity during beginner workouts.

Outdoor activities
Introduce activities such as biking, skating, swimming or jump rope. Create a triathlon, using any three activities for 10 minutes each. For beginners, use easier exercise such as skating or cycling longer, adding only 5 minutes of more jogging. Use a beach ball and badminton net to create intense and interesting workouts for kids. You could include a dance of choice or even a martial art if your child is interested in it. These are good forms of exercise and help maintain general fitness.

Circuit training
Create a circuit of exercises that lets your child perform many exercises, changing every few minutes. For example, have your child do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of jump rope, 30 seconds of sit-ups and 30 seconds of stairs. Take a one- or two-minute break, and then start another circuit. The next circuit might include high-knee skipping, chair dips, push-ups and jogging in place. Keep this going for 30 minutes or longer. You can repeat circuits two or three times per workout, or create new circuits each time.

Maintain a progress log
Keep a chart of minutes of exercise each day, number of exercises performed, weight lost each week and other stats. This will motivate your children to perform better and also help you track the progress. You could also use the monitor on the machines to track the calories burnt. Make exercising fun and join in to keep your children motivated and interested in fitness.


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