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[13 Aug 2012 | No Comment | ]

GINO Bartali was born dirt poor, and the odds in Italy at the time said he should have stayed that way.
His school results were so bad his teachers struggled to say something positive on his report cards. They settled for the only attribute they could find: ”Good personal hygiene”.
The social order of the day also said Bartali should have remained more or less where he was at about 14: a part-time apprentice to a man who fixed bicycles.
But Bartali chose instead a career as a cyclist that would make him …

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[20 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Italy’s luxury carmaker Ferrari announced record results for 2011 on Friday, with revenues exceeding two billion euros ($2.63 billion) for the first time, despite the widespread economic crisis.
“The year ended with extremely positive results that were in certain instances unprecedented in Ferrari’s history,” the company said in a statement.
Revenues reached 2.251 billion euros, up 17.3 percent, while a record 7,195 cars were sold, up 9.5 percent on the previous year’s figure, it said.
Ferrari, which is owned by the autogiant Fiat, sold 6573 cars in 2010 for revenues of 1.919 billion …

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[23 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]

THE Mafia is now Italy’s biggest business enterprise, with an annual turnover of €140 billion ($A174 billion), according to an authoritative report.
The country’s four Mafia groups have broken out of their traditional strongholds and spread across the whole country, taking advantage of the economic crisis to snap up ailing businesses and ramp up their loan-shark operations.
They have estimated cash reserves of €65 billion and estimated annual profits of €100 billion, about 7 per cent of Italy’s GDP, says a study released by Confesercenti, an employers’ association.
It seems the average mobster …

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[24 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]

HERE comes the bride — and her 1.8-MILE veil.
Elena De Angelis sure turned heads with her bridal outfit, sporting the world’s longest veil when she walked down the aisle.
She needed 600 people to help her carry the headpiece — made from 3.7 miles of white silk — when she tied the knot with Ferdinand Pucci this week.
Thousands of people took to the streets of Casal di Principe, Naples, Italy, to watch as the bride travelled to the church in a vintage car and the veil was carried by a procession …

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[18 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]

ITALY is set for one of its smallest wine harvests after an arid, torrid summer and will almost certainly cede its title as the world’s biggest wine producer to France.
Growers say scorching temperatures and meagre rainfall have affected crops, but add that predicted autumn rains could save the quality of a vintage that has so far been disappointing.
The exceptional weather brought forward the harvest in most parts of the country by two weeks or more. White wine producers in the north began harvesting in mid-August.
Last year, Italy topped the list …

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[17 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]

Italy’s parliament has given final approval to a whopping 48 billion euro ($63.67 billion) austerity budget aimed at slashing the public deficit by 2014 and reassuring nervous financial markets.
Friday’s adoption of the plan, which includes deep cuts to regional subsidies, family tax benefits and top-tier pensions, came just ahead of hotly awaited results of stress tests which were failed by eight of the 91 European banks being tested.
All five top Italian banks passed the tests with “an ample margin,” the central bank said, adding: “Even a sharp deterioration of sovereign …

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[2 Feb 2011 | No Comment | ]

Italy faces the possibility of a dynastic succession as supports grows for the millionaire daughter of Silvio Berlusconi to replace the beleaguered prime minister, a media report said here Sunday.
In a move which would delight Berlusconi’s supporters, Marina Berlusconi is being mooted as his successor as a prostitution scandal threatens to bring his third term in office to a premature end, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Members of the prime minister’s People of Freedom (PDL) party have backed the idea of his daughter becoming a candidate at the next elections, a scenario …