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[13 Jan 2017 | No Comment | ]

As Barack Obama prepares to leave office on January 20, here are nine things his presidency may be remembered for:
– Making history –
If historians were to write only one thing about Barack Hussein Obama, they would likely note that—143 years after slavery was abolished—a young Illinois senator became the first black president of the United States.
Obama, just 47 at his 2009 inauguration, harnessed magisterial oratory to rally a diverse electoral coalition behind a message of “hope and change.”
In office, Obama sometimes struggled to turn that poetry into the prose of …

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[14 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration has suspended its efforts to win congressional approval for his Asian free-trade deal before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, saying on Friday that TPP’s fate was up to Trump and Republican lawmakers.
Administration officials also said Obama would try to explain the situation to leaders of the 11 other countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact next week when he attends a regional summit in Peru.
Obama’s cabinet secretaries and the U.S. Trade Representative’s office had been lobbying lawmakers for months to pass the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership deal …

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[12 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

Three days after Election Day, President Barack Obama used his last Veterans Day speech to urge Americans to learn from the example of veterans as a divided nation seeks to “forge unity” after the bitter 2016 campaign.
Obama, in remarks at Arlington National Cemetery, noted that Veterans Day often comes on the heels of hard-fought campaigns that “lay bare disagreements across our nation.”
“But the American instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners,” Obama said. “It is to find strength in our common creed, to forge unity from our …

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[29 May 2016 | No Comment | ]

While the leaders of Japan and the United States standing side by side near ground zero in Hiroshima highlighted their robust security alliance, atomic-bomb survivors, activists and experts believe Japan must ponder its own role in global efforts to abolish nuclear weapons.
“Mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. But we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again,” U.S. President Barack Obama said in a speech at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, …

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[29 Aug 2015 | No Comment | ]

President Barack Obama on Friday compared tensions between the U.S. and Israel over the Iranian nuclear deal to a family feud and said he expects quick improvements in ties between the longtime allies once the accord is implemented.
The president’s comments came as momentum for the nuclear accord grew on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers will vote next month on a resolution to disapprove of the deal. Democratic Sen. Tom Carper became the 30th senator to publicly back the agreement, saying Friday that it was a good deal for America and for …

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[2 Aug 2015 | No Comment | ]

President Barack Obama will Monday unveil what he called the “biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken” to fight climate change, a sensitive issue central to his legacy.
The White House will release the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan, a set of environmental rules and regulations that will home in on the pollution from the nation’s power plants, setting limits on power-plant carbon emissions.
Laying out how climate change was a threat to the health, wellbeing and security of millions of Americans, and adding that time was of the essence, …

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[26 Jul 2015 | No Comment | ]

Fulfilling the hopes of millions of Kenyans, Barack Obama returned to his father’s homeland Friday for the first time as U.S. president, a long sought visit by a country that considers him a local son.
The president spent the evening reuniting with his Kenyan family, including his elderly step-grandmother who made the trip to the capital of Nairobi from her rural village. U.S. and Kenyan flags lined the main road from Nairobi’s airport, and billboards heralding Obama’s trip dotted the city.
“I don’t think that Kenyans think of Obama as African-American. They …

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[25 Jun 2015 | No Comment | ]

US President Barack Obama has again pointed to Australia’s swiftly introduced, post-Port Arthur massacre gun laws as an example for America.
MOURNING last week’s gunning down of nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, and frustrated by a Congress he describes as in the lobbying grip of the National Rifle Association, the president said the US public needs to be more vocal.
He doesn’t expect “real” action on gun laws.
“When Australia had a mass killing, I think it was in Tasmania about 25 years ago, it was just so shocking to the system, …

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[13 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]

U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro sat down together Saturday in the first formal meeting of the two country’s leaders in a half-century, pledging to reach for the kind of peaceful relationship that has eluded their nations for generations.
In a small conference room in a Panama City convention center, the two sat side by side in a bid to inject fresh momentum into their months-old effort to restore diplomatic ties. Reflecting on the historic nature of the meeting, Obama said he felt it was time to try something …

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[26 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]

Michelle Obama was greeted by flag-waving schoolchildren Saturday during the first trip by a sitting First Lady to Cambodia as she pushes a U.S.-led initiative to combat a “crisis” in girls’ education.
Obama visited a school on the outskirts of Siem Reap with Bun Rany, the wife of Cambodian strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen, to hear first hand from schoolgirls about the problems they face accessing education and staying in school.
Dressed in crisp black and white uniforms, the children waved the national flags of Cambodia and America, greeting the First Lady …